MSHA Training

MSHA training does not have to be hard!

Many people we speak to often times have many questions about MSHA training. In this monthly blog post about MSHA training we will answer some of the most common MSHA training questions.

  1. Is Online MSHA training legal? - Yes.
  2. Does your online training give you a 5000-23 after training - Yes.
  3. Does Q Safety offer a free MSHA consultation and free MSHA training plan? - Yes.
  4. Can I do all 24 hours of new miner training online? - Yes.
  5.  Can I do a blended course with some hours online and some in person? - Yes.

These are just some of the questions we receive. Q Safety's Consultant Division offers onsite training, live webinars and MSHA audit help.

Stay tuned for our next MSHA blog post... Use discount code: MSHA10 and save on your next MSHA course.